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About Us

Pioneering British Spring Water.

Sustainability in every sip.

Three years in development Re:Water is designed to be a genuine solution to single-use plastic water bottles.

Britain loves drinking water out of bottles – it’s our favourite container (Mintel 2019) – but as a nation we want to reduce our plastic consumption.

As a UK Spring Water company we looked into putting our water in cans, cartons and a whole range of other containers – but each one came with drawbacks. Some are made from a range of different materials and need to be separated in order to be recycled, which in practice rarely happens. Others were not resealable and so needed to be drunk all in one go. Some containers took much more energy to produce than plastic so, while offering a plastic-free solution, meant a huge increase in CO2 emissions.

We were increasingly frustrated that many so called solutions were often adding to the problem in different ways.

This is where Re:Water is different.

Weighing just 60 grams and made using 100% recycled aluminium it produces a fraction of the CO2 emissions of standard aluminium products. It can be resealed and is widely and infinitely recyclable in the UK.

Our product is sold filled with our premium British Spring Water – you can enjoy the fresh cool taste, knowing you are helping the environment and protecting the world’s oceans for future generations.

Our Water

Re:Water is filled with pure British Spring Water, bottled at source on protected land.

Our spring has a unique sandstone geology beneath it that is responsible for our water’s subtle blend of healthy minerals and a crystal clear complexion. The water is naturally filtered through layers of rock and strata on its journey to the surface, which gives it an excellent composition.

Once bottled our aluminium bottle keeps 100% of light out and offers a strong airtight seal. That means the Spring Water is kept fresh – so you can enjoy it as if it had just bubbled up from our spring.

Re:Water is a premium Spring Water with a refreshing superior taste – which you can enjoy even more knowing it’s plastic-free!

Innovation Challenge

2019 Gold Winner

Re:Water received the Gold Award for Innovation at the Lunch trade show. RE:WATER was hailed a “total game changer in the bottled water market”, and one of the most disruptive and innovative products available.