Tonnes plastic removed from Eco-System


  • 100% recycled aluminium

    Generates 95% less energy than new aluminium products.

  • 60 gram bottle

    Sturdy yet lightweight, further reducing CO2 emissions.

  • BPA-free coating

    Protective barrier between the water and aluminium, without effecting recyclability.

  • Aluminium Cap

    Infinite reseals with 100% recyclability.

  • Pure British Spring Water

    Bottled at source on protected land in the UK.

  • Refill, Reuse, Recycle, Reseal

    Keep it, refill it, reseal it. or simply deposit in standard UK recycling.

Eco-Bottle Lifecycle

100% Recyclable. Resealable. Reusable. Low carbon footprint, end‑to‑end. Blue is the new green.

Our bottles are created using        100% recycled aluminium sourced from the UK and Europe.

We fill them with spring water that rises naturally from our protected UK based source in Herefordshire.

We supply local businesses in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with a carbon footprint significantly smaller than European imports.

Drink Re:Water on the move, recap, reseal and drink later. Keep and refill it. When you’re done, pop it into standard UK recycling and reboot the process.

Ready for your first sip?