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Answers to our most common questions.

That’s up to you! The bottle is sturdy yet lightweight. It’s not designed to be as hard wearing as a large Stainless steel refillable bottle – but rather one you can refill a few times and then recycle when you are ready.

Please don’t place the bottle in Microwaves or Dishwashers. We recommend refilling with cool water only and rinsing the bottle out after each use.

Our bottles have a 100% BPA free internal coating to ensure the water never actually touches the aluminium. This barrier means zero migration and protects the water. The coating does not effect the recyclability of the bottle.

Re:Water is launching across the UK – keep an eye on our social media channels for stockist announcements – or contact us to buy in bulk directly.

We are an independent UK Spring Water Company. We have been around since 2008 but for the past few years have been working hard to reduce plastic. Re:Water is the product of three years of development.

We don’t sell caps on their own as they are machine moulded to the bottles. We’d recommend fully recycling your current bottle and picking up a new one whenever you can.

We’d love for you to join the Re:Water revolution – contact one of our team and we can setup an account for you.

Got any other questions? Please contact us and one of our team will came back to you shortly.

We source all of our aluminium from post-consumer waste, sourced exclusively from the UK and EU.