Tonnes plastic removed from Eco-System


Let’s protect the
world’s oceans for
future generations.

Britain loves drinking bottled water, but as a nation we need to reduce our plastic consumption.

It took us three years to find the solution.

We tried cans, cartons…
All kinds of containers.

Each one had drawbacks.

Most combined several materials that require separation to recycle, which rarely happens in practice.

Others weren’t resealable, meaning they couldn’t be kept or reused.

What about plastic-free containers?

Turns out they use more energy to produce, causing a net increase in CO2 emissions.

It frustrated us that so many solutions were actually adding to the sustainability problem.

That’s why we created


It’s resealable. Infinitely recyclable. And filled with our premium, sustainably sourced British Spring Water.

Weighing just 60 grams, it’s made using 100% recycled aluminium, at a fraction of the CO2 emissions.

So enjoy its fresh cool taste, knowing you’re helping the environment.